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Hi, I'm Dennis

Frontend Developer

About Me

After a lifelong interest in tech, dabbling with various things over the years, a good friend of mine finally pushed me to actually learn something concrete a couple of years ago. It started with simple CSS/JS, and since then I've delved into ReactJS, NextJS, Tailwind, as well as a bit of Wordpress.

I'm always trying to improve my skills. I'm currently relatively comfortable with:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • Github

My main focus recently has been projects built using NextJS.



Snapshot of my portfolio

My own portfolio, built using NextJS, React and Tailwind.


Snapshot of the pong game

A simplified recreation of the classic game Pong, written in javascript utilising canvas. The first real project I coded. Non-responsive, doesnt work on mobile as of now.

Blog Site

Snapshot of the blog site

Blog site built using a wp backend, React, NextJS and Tailwind.

CO2 Calculator

Snapshot of the form

Form and result page built in regular javascript and css as a plugin for wordpress, interacting with an API for the results.

URLSnip, URL Shortener

Snapshot of the site

URL shortener using React, NextJS and tailwind, utilizing the short.io API. Saves history to localstorage.

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